Next generation applications built and hosted on Microsoft Azure

You have invested in information technology in your business with the expectation that you will be able to make better decisions.    But change is rapid and you need to continue to innovate in order to stay competitive.

You now need simple software apps that your users love to use and give you exactly what you need. As simple as possible.  You want to access these apps on your mobile device from anywhere,  while your data is stored safely in the cloud.

Your apps need to speak Google, Dropbox, Slack, Microsoft, Apple IoS, WordPress and more.  You don’t want to be concerned with complex integration projects.   Just a simple solution that works the way you want it to,  hosted in the cloud for you.   With the same level of robustness and reliability you have come to expect from enterprise grade applications.

a-Perspectives uses the latest Microsoft technologies to design, develop and implement line of business software products that help you get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We then host these products for you in Microsofts intelligent cloud to give you reliable global coverage.


Professionals already use a mobile device to work from anywhere. Mobile development can be expensive and complex.  We use Microsofts tools to quickly create user friendly apps that work across most devices and computer systems.


You have already invested in good technology systems.  You need to extend them quickly in support of new business innovation and improvement. We design apps that extend and work with your existing systems.


We use Microsoft Azure and SAAS platforms together with SQL Server in the cloud to develop the most reliable and responsive line of business applications for your business.   Working with our specialised partners we can also leverage your Office 365 and SharePoint investment in data and information.


Contact us to talk about your future business requirements and lets see exactly how we can help you.

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