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Experts and consultants are constantly looking for new ways to reach new customers in a more meaningful way.  Companies are looking for ways to connect with and serve their customers.  When you are selling information, you need a way to create outstanding value for your customers that increases loyalty, improves retention and positions your business for growth. Learn4Keeps is an online platform hosted in the cloud that allows you to reach your customers in a way that promotes engagement, learning and development.

What L4K can do for you

Create additional income, reach more people, leverage your time

Learn4Keeps enables you to offer paid information products such as training courses, community, expert consulting, and specialised information through the web.  You can offer coaching advice, masterclass sessions, audio and video lessons, e-books, templates, toolkits or any information product to a worldwide audience. The technology includes state of the art online marketing and sales processes  used by the most successful online professionals around the world to reach a global audience of paying customers.


You can use L4K in multiple innovative ways to enhance your consulting business!

  • Professional Development Programs
  • Product Training Online
  • Software user groups
  • Specialised information products
  • Professional organisations
  • Stakeholder communications


  • Technical training
  • Leadership and coaching programs
  • Online information products

Development Programs

Learn4Keeps is ideal for delivering online professional development programs.  The unique combination of structured e-Learning and practical guides allow for self paced or instructor led training to be delivered effectively through a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Product training

Do you have a sales force that needs regular refresher training?   The Learn4Keeps framework is ideal for reaching sales people who are on the road most of the time and cannot easily attend classroom training sessions.

Software user communities

Do you want to build a user community around your software business?  Do you want to engage your users and keep them informed of new updates or releases?  Learn4Keeps is perfect for building your user community, no matter where in the world they are based.

Specialised information products

Are you an expert who has a unique specialised skill that you want to teach others through the web?  Learn4Keeps provides an elegant solution to allow you to put together your training programs and sell these to students around the world.

Professional organisations

Do you want to manage benefits for Professional Society membership?  The Learn4Keeps framework allows you to manage fulfilment of all the digital entitlements for your members.

Stakeholder communications

Do you need to communicate something important to multiple stakeholders?  The L4K framework will control access, keep track of who has viewed your update and provide you with full reporting.  The framework is securely hosted on the web, making it ideal for reaching partners, customers and other stakeholders who don’t have access to your network directly.

Technical training

The extensive e-Learning capabilities in the L4K framework make it ideal for technical training in specialised subjects.  This might be applicable to  internal training,  authorised service centres or  even technical training for your customers.

Leadership and coaching programs

Learn4Keeps is perfect for online coaching programs.   Individual or group coaching sessions can be arranged to take place after courses are completed or articles are read.  A collaboration forum enables a shared and secure environment for discussions.  Coaching programs can run over an extended period, even over years,  with full access to historical content for participants.

Distance learning programs

The Learn4Keeps framework is ideal for distance learning programs.  Lectures can be delivered by audio or video and be made available on demand or according to a planned schedule.  Assignments can be completed electronically if this makes sense, and individual progress can be measured and recorded.

Online information products

The L4K framework is ideal for distributing digital products such as books, training, downloads, resources etc.   These digital products can add value to your existing products in a way that differentiates you from your competitors.


We are using L4K to build our signature TechnicalLeaders program.  We decided to use the L4K platform after expensive research on what is available on the market, and concluded that no-one offers quite what we needed. TechnicalLeaders is set to launch shortly!


The United Nations is using L4K to deliver specialised e-learning to a worldwide audience of international tax practitioners.  AP is working with Greenlight Solutions www.greenlightsolutions.co.za a specialised SharePoint developer and eLearning partner to build this portal.


Owner Team Consultation (OTC) is a specialised consulting and professional services company focused on mega-capital projects mainly in this Oil and Gas Sector.  OTC use the L4K platform from AP to reach customers around the world with specialised toolkits and training on capital project management.

L4K Features


Far from online learning management system, the L4K Framework is based on techniques used by the best online businesses globally.

Content Management System

Learn4Keeps is built around a non proprietary content management system that contains all of your digital assets (content) in a secure, version controlled database.  (Audio and video files are hosted separately in the cloud through our partners).  Your content includes web pages, articles, downloads, toolkits, templates, multi-media files, course units, and so on.


Learn4Keeps integrates a feature rich course management system that is in use in some of the worlds most successful global companies.  Courses are organised into modules and units.  Course units can be any type – documents, audio lesson or video lesson.  There is a quiz feature to test understanding, and certificates can be printed on completion of a course.  Courses can be done strictly in sequence;  or in accordance with the students preference.  Everything is integrated into the content management system and your information is all managed in one place.

Membership system

Learn4Keeps includes a membership system that controls access to your content based on membership level.  You can set up multiple membership levels.  Any piece of content can be protected for one or more levels,  or made public.  The L4K framework also includes an online purchasing system to allow automated purchasing of membership, all without your intervention.

Member Communications

Learn4Keeps includes a communication plan for your members linked back to your content.  We use third parties to manage our mail lists and distribution.  This provides for analytics and reporting of user engagement and response.  We use the same external e-mail provider for promotions and cross selling; linked to all of the main social media platforms including Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter.  We can even help you set up your own podcast!


We did not develop the L4K product from scratch, rather we have configured a unique combination of commercially available online products and services.  The core Learn4Keeps repository can be hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud ensuring it is secure and globally accessible.  We use a unique combination of proprietary and open source technologies to deliver a unified end user experience.    While you can of course use the same underlying technologies, we have already done all the hard work to evaluate, select and test the right blend of technology that is cost effective and reliable.  We work with selected open source products that are constantly evolving and we continue to research and test new versions on your behalf to ensure a secure and reliable experience for you.

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