Pricing Software – Like Art it’s really not that Simple

Software needs to be priced on perceived value in the eyes of the customer. Irrespective of the actual cost of writing the software, or the actual functionality / utility in a business; it is the perceived value to the business that matters. In a world where there are multiple alternatives, something that a premium is paid for will probably be valued more than a low cost or free equivalent

How to Leverage Products to Grow Your Business

A product solves a generic problem or need for multiple customers. By looking for opportunities to “productise” your experience and knowledge you can leverage your time to rather work on your products and not on increasing your billable hours.

How Should a Software Product Development Company Treat Their First Customer?

From a software vendors perspective it is very valuable to involve your first customer in ongoing product management, but only up to a point. Finding the right balance between customer involvement in early product development is very important and will impact on the sustainability of the business model going forward.

Business Models and Mergers

Business Models and Mergers

A larger merged company can operate with a bigger footprint, call on additional internal expertise and skills and is by definition more resilient to economic cycles by being diversified across several industries.
In Search of Innovation

In Search of Innovation

All businesses reach a point in their evolution where new product and service offerings become critical for continued growth and success. The enabler for growth in a product company is a deliberate innovation process that considers product, business model and service innovations, and is funded and measured appropriately.

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