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Helping software product managers and entrepreneurs leverage their ideas to create a profitable product business, the easy way!

Have you ever dreamed of taking your great ideas to market by building a software product? If so you understand the value of a scaleable product business that can reach a global market.  Such a business will over time create wealth for its stakeholders and allow you to work on your business rather than for your business.

Absolute Perspectives helps you systematically develop the strategies and action plans necessary to build a successful software business to serve your customers. We have over 20 years experience in this regard having taking good ideas and developing successful products for enterprise customers around the world.  Of course not everything went smoothly and we want to share our experience to help you avoid making expensive mistakes.


We help you build a successful software business through consulting and training programs that move you towards your strategic business goals:

TechnicalLeaders – this is our flagship programme providing resources and training for technical specialists looking to make a shift into software product management and business leadership.

Software Product Management Consulting – using the IISPM framework we help guide you to take your new software product to market the easy way.

Don’t Become an Accidental Product Manager

Product management is a fast growing and exciting role in any technology company. It represents a viable career path for technical specialists who are wanting to extend their influence into all areas of the business. But even though product managers fulfil a real and defined need in a company, the discipline is often not well developed or understood; and not always acknowledged.

Product Strategy and Innovation

Product strategy needs to integrate into the corporate strategy around acquisitive growth and leverage existing capabilities. The secret to good innovation is often that the execution needs to be flawless, and organisational structures need to support rapid commercialisation around new ideas. Customer led innovation as well as introducing complimentary products form part of the optimisation process, both have risks but have the potential to have transformational impact on existing product lines and ultimately the business.

How Should a Software Product Development Company Treat Their First Customer?

From a software vendors perspective it is very valuable to involve your first customer in ongoing product management, but only up to a point. Finding the right balance between customer involvement in early product development is very important and will impact on the sustainability of the business model going forward.



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Helping software product managers and entrepreneurs leverage their ideas to create a profitable product business, the easy way.