Product Strategy and Innovation

Product strategy needs to integrate into the corporate strategy around acquisitive growth and leverage existing capabilities. The secret to good innovation is often that the execution needs to be flawless, and organisational structures need to support rapid commercialisation around new ideas. Customer led innovation as well as introducing complimentary products form part of the optimisation process, both have risks but have the potential to have transformational impact on existing product lines and ultimately the business.

Product or Project Manager?

A value proposition differentiates a bespoke software development house from a product company. It also differentiates product management from bespoke software project management.  

There is Nothing Passive about “Passive Income”

Are you encouraged by opportunities you see to make passive income online in the information economy? Lured by the promise of working as little as 4 hours per week...

In Search of Innovation

All businesses reach a point in their evolution where new product and service offerings become critical for continued growth and success. The enabler for growth in a product company is a deliberate innovation process that considers product, business model and service innovations, and is funded and measured appropriately.

[a] Perspectives

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